• bureau d’études 3d design office engineering
    As the realization requires above all design, a CFAO & design office was created for modeling our client's project.
  • 3d printing / impression 3d
    3D Printing
    Do you want a part shape that seems difficult to achieve? Within a short manufacturing delay? With the Groupe Allio Paris' rapid prototyping, all this is possible....
  • 5 axis milling fraisage 5 axes
    5 Axis Milling
    Our equipment consists of 7 CNC machines that can cope with work pieces ranging in size from a coin to a complete vehicle full-scale. Whatever your...
  • mock-up / maquettage
    Prototype and Models, Modeling, Finishing
    Any part leaving our workshops has a flawless finishing. Thanks to our modelers who work each piece to give them the shape and finishing you expect.
  • automotive led
    We grew an in-house expertise of electronics and embedded software development.
  • automotive saddlery / sellerie automobile
    Other services
    We are also able to offer additional services allowing our clients to develop their project: Extrusion machine, Composite / Plastic processing, Thermoforming, 3D Control / 3D...